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Inventory Force are proud to be able to work with councils and different boroughs, we provide a bespoke service which ensures councils, landlords & tenants are protected. We provide a professional and speedy service making sure that all our reports are in depth and cover every detail necessary. As a third party our reports are unbiased and protects all parties, it also gives a clear view on how the property is handed over so if there is ever a dispute the document provides evidence which is as clear as day.

By choosing Inventory Force to carry out your reports it means that the council becomes removed from the inventory and check-out process and any problems that the tenant or landlord may have with the reports they may contact us directly for us to resolve.

Here at Inventory Force we are determined and strive to provide an unbeatable professional service by highly trained individuals.

For councils who wish to have a contract and use us for many jobs we can offer reduced rates. For more enquiries please email us on info@invenotryforce.co.uk

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