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Here at Inventory Force we take pride in providing an extremely professional service to all of our clients. Our business strives on performing accurate, in-depth reports. All of our reports are completed and returned within 24 hours via email. We are able to provide this impeccable service as all our staff members are highly trained, passionate individuals. The reports we provide give you peace of mind, knowing that if you were to ever have to go to the court of law for a dispute of a deposit, our accurate, professionally compiled reports will be effective pieces of evidence that will help your case.

We carry out Inventory Check In Reports, Check Out Reports & Interim Inspections.

We cover South East London and various areas of Kent & Croydon.

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Letting Agents

Inventory Force provides a bespoke service for agents who want to ensure their landlords are protected. We provide a professional and speedy service making sure that all our reports are in depth and cover every detail necessary. As a third party our reports are unbiased and protects both the landlord and tenant and gives a clear view on how the property is handed over so if there is ever a dispute the document provides evidence which is as clear as day.

By choosing Inventory Force to carry out your reports it means that the agency becomes removed from the inventory and check-out process and any problems that the tenant or landlord may have with the reports they may contact us directly for us to resolve.

Here at Inventory Force we are determined and strive to provide an unbeatable professional service by highly trained individuals.

For agents who wish to have a contract and use us for many jobs we can offer reduced rates. For more enquiries please email us on info@invenotryforce.co.uk




As a landlord a property is one of your most valuable assets. By choosing Inventory Force to carry out your report you are ensuring that you have protected yourself should the tenant ever dispute any damages in your property. It essentially means you have peace of mind and have evidence of the condition of the property from when the tenancy begun.
All our reports are compiled by highly trained, professional individuals. We will conduct an inventory before the tenants move in which will document the condition of the property and its contents in writing and photographic evidence, then a check-out once the tenants move out which will detail the condition of the property and its contents once again. The documents can then be compared and any claims from the landlord can be made with justification, if necessary. By choosing an independent Inventory company to conduct your report it assures the tenant that the reports are fair, independent and unbiased.

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